Group Companies

Media & Entertainment

With a team of highly creative professionals, the Media & Entertainment division of Purple Seas brings you the most comprehensive and innovative concepts for conceptualization and promotion of any business ideas. The team takes the onus on their shoulders to work from scratch on pre-production and production of any concept. Their services include best of the marketing strategies you would have not thought even. Creative conceptualization, event production, theme building, conferences, seminars, audio/video production, print and design, product launch, networking events, press meets etc are few to name them.

Purple Seas Energy

Harnessing the power of our natural resources like sun and wind is the safest and purest form of energy which can be used. While most of us believe in the potential of our natural resources, we are yet to utilize these resources at the optimum level for our energy dependencies. Purple Seas Energy is an effort to bring in thermal, solar and wind energy together to fulfill our energy need.

Purple Seas IT

Purple Seas IT offers comprehensive range of IT services to its clients, enabling them grow their businesses on faster pace. The IT solutions provided not only enhance client’s sales but also reduce the costs and risks. In our IT segment we have two major products- Toushsy and Kartmagic.  While Toushsy is for bulk emailing, Kartmagic is eCommerce web portal for all small and medium enterprises who wants to display their products on online platform.  Other than these two we also offer Java & .net services. Our sheer dedication and innovations have earned us goodwill in the market.

Purple Seas Hospitality

The magnetic appeal of luxury and comfort defines the range of resorts that Purple Seas offers in its hospitality sector. Immersed in rich shades of opulence, tranquility, and modernity, our resorts are quest for experiencing a world so different. Each of the resorts beholds the beauty of picturesque surroundings making you remain spellbound on your stay. From arid desert to lush jungles, from rugged terrain to pristine beaches, our resorts are everywhere to match up to your mood of vacation. So, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation or an escape from busy life…we welcome you!